The Market Café

Jürgen’s emphasis is on quality. He tastes and approves of everything before it comes on the counter. He believes in organic and fairtrade products. Jürgen will not sell products because they have a big name, he will only sell products that meet his high expectations.

Some call it “Life’s simple little pleasures”. The market is not like an anonymous supermarket or shopping centre. The market is an important part of our weekly routine. It is a social place where one can have time for oneself, sit down with a lovely cup of organic fairtrade coffee and chat with friends, meet and make new friends. Everybody seems to be relaxed and friendly… Jürgen loves the market and this is where he does his shopping.

Jürgen makes the most delicious hot chocolates using only the finest dark or/and milk chocolate. (chocolate buttons can also be purchased by weight, perfect for baking, handmade chocolates or drinks – if they survive the journey home ;-))

fairtrade logoFairtrade organic coffees:

  • coffee
  • cappuccino
  • latte
  • espresso
  • americano
  • mocha
  • and special requests

The fairtrade organic coffees are imported from Germany. They are available as beans or ground.

Jürgen trades in Dungarvan on Thursdays (9:30 – 2) and Clonmel at St. Peter & Paul Primary School on Saturdays (9:30 – 2) (beside Oakville Shopping Centre)