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Pure Food Company

Unit 3e,


Dunhill Eco Park,


Co Waterford, Ireland.


Who are we?

Pure FoodPaul is a Waterford City native, a family man and an artisan food producer. He started work in the medical engineering sector and progressed from there to the emergency services such as I.R.C.G and aviation firefighting to mention but a few. Beyond his professional life he has always had a passion for wild and native foods and combined this with his major award in Horticulture to start producing his own foods.

Cian Hawes has always had a love for quality Irish food and cooking. He has a particular love for wild and foraged foods and preserving and making sauces. Cian has worked in the craft industry for a number of years and thoroughly enjoyed the market stall experience and has always wanted to create his own range of craft/artisan foods. Having spent a further number of years in the horticultural industry and gaining an honours degree in the field he now grows his own fruit and vegetables. Cian thought it would be a good idea to marry these experiences and love of food to produce a range of sauces and oils.

In 2013 Paul met Cian through the Horticulture training program which he was attending and after much thought and many a late night, Pure Food Company was born. Paul and Cian then combined their skills and knowledge to develop the product range that you see for sale today. Pure Food Company’s range of sauces, preserves and oils are produced using vegetables and herbs they grow themselves to organic standards. They also use locally sourced organic fruit and veg and a selection of foraged native foods and wild flowers.

Full list of Products;

  • Harissa
  • Wild Nettle Pesto
  • Wild Garlic Pesto
  • Coriander, Chilli and Lime Pesto
  • Rocket Pesto
  • Parsley Pesto
  • Spinach Pesto
  • Curly Kale Pesto
  • Sundried Tomato Pesto
  • Sundried Tomato and Chilli Pesto
  • Black Olive Tapenade


  • Púca Chilli Sauce
  • Banshee Sauce
  • Sweet Chilli & Apple
  • Red Onion Marmalade
  • Cranberry & Orange Sauce
  • Spicy BBQ Sauce
  • Ginger n’ Orange Beets
  • Pesto Pasta Salads


Both Paul and Cian have had previous experiences in front of the TV camera and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Paul appeared on “The Secret Millionaire” on Oct 1st 2012 when he had the great pleasure of meeting Vincent Cleary, The chief of Glenisk. Then in 2014, Cian was chosen to show his talent in the RTE Super Garden, After designing and building a true “super garden” Cian went on to be crowned the Super Garden champion of 2014 and subsequently received a silver medal in Bloom