Early Bird Free Range Eggs

Early Bird Free Range Eggs

Early Bird Free Range Eggs

It’s simple……If you want fresh, local, free range eggs laid by happy hens then these are the eggs for you. Once you try them you will definitely be back for more!
Trevor Power and Sandra Mulcahy have been producing free range eggs on their farm in Ballinamult since 2005 and have been members of the Dungarvan and Clonmel Farmers Markets for the past nine years. The welfare of our hens is of the utmost importance to us. These free range eggs are produced by hens that live in their natural surroundings and are free to roam within the protected boundaries of the farmland.

New Branding
A question that constantly arose at the market was “where can we get these eggs if we cannot make it to the farmers market?”. This inspired Trevor and Sandra to investigate the possibility of supplying local shops directly and set to work on setting up their own egg packing centre.
As a result of months of hard work Trevor and Sandra have recently launched their new brand “Early Bird Free Range Eggs”. Early Bird is now a registered and approved egg packing centre with the Department of Agriculture. This makes Early Bird unique in that this is currently the only free range egg producer with approved egg packing and grading facilities in Co Waterford. Having this approval allows Early Bird Free Range Eggs to be delivered straight from the farm to the local shops and retailers.

We’re Cracked About Freshness
Free Range HensTrevor and Sandra believe that freshness is the most important factor. Eggs are laid on the farm and brought directly to the farmers markets and local shops within 24 hours. This ensures a much longer shelf life to the consumer. Did you know that eggs have a best before date of 28 days from date of lay? So just count back 28 days from the best before date on the box and this will tell you when the eggs were laid.

Trevor and Sandra are very much aware that their success is as a result of the continued support from their very loyal customers. Trevor and Sandra hope to be regular stallholders at the farmers markets for many years to come.