GLENMORE ORGANIC Farm have extended their range

GLENMORE ORGANIC Farm have extended their range of organic and outdoor eggs, organic lamb and delicious home-made lemon curd with organic chicken for stews and casseroles. They are perfect for soup, Coq au Vin, and Bollito Misto. The German dish Huehnerfrikasse, also uses “Suppenhuhn”!

Darina Allen enthuses: “Casserole roasters are almost impossible to buy nowadays, but they make terrific eating. They are hens that have laid for a year or more. They have a rich, gamey flavour and should be poached or casserole roasted. They are perfect for Coq au Vin as the meat is first marinated and then gently simmered to melting tenderness.” (Forgotten Skills of Cooking, p. 265)

So why not try one and be pleasantly surprised by the taste of “real” chicken. Price 4 Euro per kg.

Chicken soup/broth is also very good in alleviating cold and flue symptoms and helps in the healing process. Using organic chicken gives the added benefit of no medication and residues.

Glenmore Organic Farm is a family farm in Co. Waterford between Ballyduff and Lismore. Seamus and Christine Hyland farm organically since 1998 (IOFGA license 3388).

Meet us every Thursday @ Dungarvan Farmers’ Market between 10 and 2 o’clock.

and every Sunday @ Lismore Farmers’ Market between 11 and 4 o’clock. Our full range of dry-aged organic beef is also available in Lismore.