The EU will allow flavoured extra virgin olive oil?

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European officials want to legalize flavoring of olive oil extra virgin without the need to include information about the surgery on the label. Protests against such solutions, the organization Slow Food.

Oils, which require an artificial flavor, are of poor quality. Such practices have never been allowed in the case of extra virgin Consumers have the right to ensure that the package was posted information about how the product was made ​​- says Carlo Petrini – Slow Food president of the organization. – These regulations are in conflict with the Directive of the European Commission also put in a difficult situation with oliwiek oil producer, and as of now they are faced with big problems. Even if the flavoring is to be acceptable, the information on this absolutely should be on the label – says Carlo Petrini.

The new EU regulation which will come into force on 1 April, will allow for the determination of oils containing more than 150mg/kg of alkyl esters (they are added to oils, low quality), as extra virgin.

According to information presented by Slow Food, oil extracted from olives of good quality, which are extruded shortly after the set contains a maximum of 10-15 mg / kg of alkyl esters, reaching 30 mg / kg in rare cases. Limit 150mg/kg will not discourage producers to mix extra-virgin olive oil flavored with inferior quality, which contains higher amounts of alkyl esters ….

What is important, regardless of EU regulations, such practices are not acceptable in the case of organic production methods.